About Us

Team is owned by League Designs, LLC. Our mission is to envision, create, and bring to market university inspired luxury products. Our products are designed and produced by us right here in the USA.


Company History               

2006-2009 (Collegiate Licensed Art Prints)

Before the formation of League Designs, owner Kurt Browning was licensed by UGA through the CLC to sell two of his art prints depicting Uga VI, and Uga VII respectively. These prints were sold by the university’s bookstore and through Mr. Browning’s own art gallery. He donated the original paintings to the UGA Senior Football Player’s Banquet (Uga VI), and the Terry School of Business Annual Fundraiser (Uga VII).

Kurt is an artist and designer by nature. From an early age he loved to draw and paint. As he grew, he never lost his passion for this and continued to create throughout his life. He opened his own art-related business which he operated from 2006-2009. He was represented by art galleries in St. Augustine, FL and Savannah, GA.  Unfortunately, the economic decline in 2009 lead to the closing of his business. However, he did not stop creating.

 Presentation of original oil painting "Uga VII" to Sonny Seiler


2017-2019 (The University Commemorative Bowl)

In the spring of 2017 Kurt had a creative vision for a product that had never been produced before. This was to be what we now call “The University Commemorative Bowl” which crystalizes a university’s iconic symbols and embodies them in a classic design that functions as a centerpiece, which has the look and feel of carved white marble.

We were granted a collegiate license by The University of Georgia in November 2019 for our “UGA Commemorative Bowl”. However, due to manufacturing issues and delays related to the COVID-19 crisis this product will be introduced to the market in Fall 2021.


 2020-Present (Luxury, Scented Bar Soaps)

In May of 2020 while working on our commemorative bowl, Kurt had a novel idea born out of the commemorative bowl concept. That was to develop university-themed bar soaps. At that time, we delayed work on our bowl and set out to design and produce these products. In January 2021 we submitted a New Product Request to UGA for our bar soaps, which was approved on April 16th.




For a complete list and thorough description of our bar soap ingredients please,  click here.


We know our soap is pretty but go ahead and use it. Your skin will thank you and we’ll just make more!